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About Wubump

WuBump®: the revolutionary shock absorbers

WuBump® safety products are developed, produced and patented by Wuylens Engineering.
With over 25 years of experience in the technical reconstruction of low and high energy collisions, Wuylens Engineering has immense insight and know-how that was needed to become the most recognized manufacturer of safety products for industry and logistics.

The huge success of WuBump products in all of Europe is living proof of the effectiveness of its safety solutions to minimize the damage that results from vehicle and product collisions.

Vebar USA, llc distributes the WuBump products in the USA. 

Vebar USA presents you the WuBump solution: dedicated to help the industry to avoid costly collision damage and downtime of machines and operators.


    • Add protection for your operator, facilities and forklift with wuBump® shock absorber.
    • wuBump® is a universal shock absorber that can be mounted on the back, side and front  of any forklift, reachtruck, pallettruck, lift and access vehicle, rack, … .
  • The new powerful magnets, that are incorporated in most models – make the installation a breeze!

Advantages of wuBump™:

    • Adds protection for your driver: wuBump™ helps to lower the risk of neck (whiplash) and back injuries.
    • wuBump® promotes ergonomics of your operators.
    • Improves protection for your warehouse: absorbs the energy from a low-speed collision with the infrastructure.
  • Improves protection to your trucks: wuBump® considerably lowers the risk of damage to the machine or its load. It’s easy to install! Just attach the two straps to the back pillars of the overhead guard (wuQueen) or simply attach the shock absorber with the built-in magnets (all other models) and you are ready to go!

Safe working!

From now on the wuBump® helps to protect your driver, lift truck, load and warehouse infrastructure in case of collisions. The shock absorber has a simple design and is therefore easy to install on any lift truck up to 5 tons (11000 lbs). When your lift truck collides with an obstacle, the wuBump® helps to absorb the released collision energy.

This is good news for the driver: the use of the wuBump considerably lowers the risk of painful neck and back injuries. Also, the use of wuBump® will considerably lower costs involving damaged loads, lift trucks or the infrastructure.

We do not want to promote reckless driving! But, since accidents do happen,  wuBump® considerably lowers the risk of personal injuries and the damage created by low speed collisions.  Lower the risk of drivers suffering from neck or back pain!

Material that can take a beating!

The CE-certified wuQueen weighs 10 kg (22 lbs) and efficiently helps to protect up to speeds of 10 km/u (6,4 m/h). The mobile shock absorber consists of one massive and one hollow cylinder that slide together. Both parts are made of a multi-layered elastomer. This is an extremely elastic (>400%) material which absorbs much of the energy of the collision and quickly retakes its original shape afterwards. The composition of the wuBumpmakes it resistant against any effects from water, steam, UV light, ozone, oils, bases, acids and salts. The bumper is suitable for applications at temperatures between -40°F up to +248°F.  (-40°C up to +120°C. )

wuBump™ forklift protection:

an innovative system to improve protection of your infrastructure, forklift trucks and loads.